They love it!!

The legacy continues...

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Friends, We had a good volume about ourself, but we should have a little thanks giving ceremony to whom, supported us in every steps of life. They didn't think whether those are right or wrong but plunge into them. The level of trust they shown to us, we apologize, compared to that we returned them nothing.

This is probably a Chayanika Treat! Basu reminds me, the myself of those days. Bitan and Saikat Bhunia are displaying their copyrighted smiles. These guys are never changed.

This is the Chayanika Generation Y !

All in Saraswati Puja mood, looking for the Godess. Anish, I still conserve the "We Dope - We Byte - We Screw" --- the last night "Dakhshina"

Ah! Andrew Ma'aki Symonds - I love him. I have seen the You Tube video buddies, though you guys didn't send me the link. But that's a great creation.

Catch the middle one, tempting!!