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Cognizant Biz Quiz!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We are not supposed to participate it as lack of preparation had made us shivering at our knees and Business Gyan of the others were the things to be panicked. Any way, after a lot of hassle and passel we finally sit for the prelims. It was writing test and I have an impressive record of getting filtered every time whenever I had appeared for written prelims. Writankar Da and Indrajit Da were both in a chanting mood from the very beginning. As soon as the hall became congested with the biz quizzards the lovely host Shounak had started the show off. People were excited; they were waiting for the 1st questions to unleash their biz fundaes.  Except us; Writankar Da was thinking about some dirty superstitions, Indra Da was desperately searching for a cigarette and I was smiling as some mystic things are facing me.

The first one was quite an easy one for my partners but after that it went all blank. Some 6/7 questions later Writankar Da was confidant to score another. After that quite a fair balance of corrects and wrongs made our score fairly polished. Indra Da was extremely deadly in Kolkata questions as usual & I contributed some visuals. Any way, our confidence level was slackening as some 10/11 questions were we managed to get correct out of 25.

There are total of 6 teams qualified for the final. Some names which I can recollect “42”, “Team D”, “Three Amigos”, “Biz Kyun” like these. Unfortunately the sixth was “Bayer Neverloosen” was belongs to us. Man, we placed in the 3rd spot in the prelims and the team name credit should go for me (Quiet selfish! Isn’t it?) Shounak again excellently constructed the infinite bounce quiz with some segmentation like “Bodhan”. “Maha Shasthi”, “Maha Saptami” … “Bijaya Dashami”. Bodhan was dedicated only to great Google Doodles’.  We performed average in it though it is one of my favorites. Things were gone not good after then for us. 2/3 questions which we knew the answer, were pulled of by the “Biz Kyun” team. The team seating right to us - “Three Amigos”- consisted with some IIM pass outs – were performing supremely. We were getting out of the track slowly, we could realize that. Suddenly some wildest of guesses and sheer luck factor powered us to remain in the competition. I was going crazy that time. I even still can’t understand how the hell I was working out those tough problems and crazy connection on the spot and most of them were bang on target. Amazingly in an Infinite Bounce Quiz, we had answered 4 consecutive questions – you can understand how difficult and fortunate job we had done. After the very last round we climbed at the top with a mere 10 point lead from the big IIMs.

We were tensed in fact and the structure of the rapid fire round made us even more worried.  But thanks to Writankar Da, who pulled off the thing with perfect execution of experience and knowledge, answering the entire question set in strong nerves. We won the battle eventually. After long span of barren attempts, we managed to finish it on such a big stage & finish in style.  Long live “Bayer Neverloosen”.   

Some questions I found extremely brain storming and those which I can remember I am posting below. Please try to answer those in the comment section. I will post the answers very soon. Try your luck buddies and please do not Google it to spoil the fun.


1.       The room number 374 in the Jamaica Pegasus hotel became tourist spot for the last 10 months. What is the reason?

2.       The guarantee of some company was dropped in 1993 because of the "public perception of reckless driving and irresponsibility". Name the company.

3.       Who is the CEO of the company which is the sole distributor of Walther arms in India?

4.       Which company has the NYSE ticker symbol BUD?

5.       The ORIX Auto Infrastructure Services Ltd. (OAIS) has introduced a new service on Friday, August 9. Which one?

6.       What is STAYCATION?

7.       Which Brand print ad is this?

8> Identify them :

9.  What is so special about this sea food chain ?

  10. According to a survey by BBC, which indian city used 600000 condoms per day? and why ?

As soon as I get the complete set of questions I will post it for you guys. Please do commenting the answers... lets c who will get the cherry!!



The Revisit

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Change is good! In fact it is very good. There is CCD, the night outs goes immense expensive. Some ice balls costs to many bucks even not under the roof. Are they healthy? Err. Pakistanis are fanatic – they usually take their snacks here at Café Coffee Day or the Café Coffee Night. Don't have any clue, right? You are lacking brain chap (or they??!!) Lasses are not any more restricted within classes. You can find them everywhere and every time. Wonder? Yes it's every time literally.

This is all about my visit to NIT this week - same "Agnibina Express" but not the very same. New generation loves to travel on couch 14 instead of the superstitious 8-10 ranges. There are lesser people, lesser hawkers, lesser mature ladies. Check the word mature! There is a girl might be of the 7th standard, she also couldn't escaped from the cutting remarks of them. Few things never change. The mini buses are still dealing with 5/- fare. But again something always remains same. The SBI ATM just in front the main gate was shut down. What shock for a plastic money holder, you can imagine. But love to see that same negligence.

The first night went in a hurry. Those long four years can not be recollected in a night. Do you guys know, in which room did I step up first? It was 207, hall 5. Once belong to us, now Shreyash is the ruler. I was caught up by cold here unluckily – what an induction effect it has. But the walls are painted greeen in fact the all residencies are renovated. Good job by any means but my insane mind was pondering over some holy craps. We lost the wallpapers of the Chakrabyuha. My eyes were soaked for a while.

Ban, Chap, Magi, Shoubhik Mishra, BRC, Anish, Chintu, Pallab all were there. Poor Chintu looks wretched. I found here and there the emblem of Indian Air Force - Ankur is so much excited. Shoubhik Mishra promptly arranged bed on the floor and was quite ready for some night gossip. Magi – the LC convener – were just waiting for the invitation. Jua, Jyoti, Venki, Shrink all had an excellent Verve. Pritam is getting magi-lo-maniac day by day. He even tried to insist me, but failed. Jua has been moved to god mode in creativity in these days. Their award winning short film makes me crazy. Best wishes to RJ Artworks. Time was running first. I was grasping the novel stories in ten mouths. They are just proving that Impossible is Nothing. The whole culture has been changed. This could be done few years back. The criticism and blame, whatever you call, should point us. Possibly lack of talent hindered us. But I must say that hats of to these chaps. It was 6 a.m. we moved to the bed.

Next day Jamai and Muri joined the party. The Chimpu Man was horrible. The myth I heard some famous Singh has been terrified always from him. Singh is no more king here. In couldn't visit the mess as I didn't want to violate the rules created by the diligent Hall Secretary – Trespassers will be prosecuted. No hard feelings dude. Debmalya appeared at very late evening with a red shirt and a mourn face. Perhaps he is missing his assiduous student and her respected mother. We visited the City Centre at the dead of night – it stands with a somber of a geo-metropolis. Maintaining the tradition, we got into some fracas with the security guards. The argument topic was nothing special rather mere snapping in front of Dreamplex. Chimpu and Jua were all enough to tackle them. Trust me I was no where within the scuffle. Perhaps the REC blood group doesn't exist inside me any more. But love to see this final year was engaging in these stuffs. After visiting the costly CCD (why not? they are already included in the Amazon family) we reached hostels at 2 am possibly. Again I found some hard time while skipping the boundary wall. Except Malya and Shoubhik Mishra everyone redirected to their own rooms. The traitor Magi also. We were determined to sleep hard within 2:30. But again as usual the God interrupted. This time He disguised as BRC and Anish. The recollection continues till 6 am. Huh!

Well the very last day went extremely tight for me. People are busy also for their class tests. I was just reminiscing about the last two days- which again send me back to the best days of my life. There are changes. There is no ragging, no dress funda, and no zonal issues; there is no one who scared of mythical Big Boss (we used to do sometime). The "Jhoops" are quite congested with girls. I even didn't see the General Secretary any where debating or commenting on something with a bunch of paper – perhaps he is also changing. But Kailas, Shambhu, Ashok Da, Rabriwala, Gobinda Da, Ghosh Da (the heck 7/- singarahs), Sriram no one has been changed except that boy with the soothing sound "Aluuuuuur Parota… Sabjiiiii….." – He has grown up now! But you know the most satisfactory thing is that everyone of them greeted me with a smile.

While returning all alone for the first time I was rueful – I didn't revisit the BCBABT hub – 123 wings, I missed the LH more, the simple but best Madhab Da's Canteen and perhaps some more. I am just misfit with the changing NIT culture. But the change is good. I admit. These two days was very short to attain the supreme bliss but long enough to drench my eyes for the second time leaving the NIT.

Love you all.


All New Google Chrome

Saturday, September 6, 2008


This time Google comes up with a new browser!
An excerpt from the Google blog describing their new browser goes something like this:
“…why are we launching Google Chrome? Because we believe we can add value for users and, at the same time, help drive innovation on the web.”
“…we designed a browser window that is streamlined and simple. To most people, it isn’t the browser that matters. It’s only a tool to run the important stuff — the pages, sites and applications that make up the web.”
“Under the hood, we were able to build the foundation of a browser that runs today’s complex web applications much better.”
And it is indeed this. In fact you can call it up a tiny browser but very smart. 
My first attempt on downloading was when I went to the official Chrome site for it. From there, I got a 470KB executable which would download the actual Chrome browser from the Internet.
The interface is pretty damn cool. The tab effects are very nice. A new tab opens with a default page containing the thumbnails of most frequently visited sites. The interface is minilalistic and overall very usable.
Chrome is extremely fast, more than even Safari and Opera. I used to browse in Safari earlier, as I found it faster & better than the rests. But Chrome is faster in both browsing as well as response.
Moreover you can browse in Incognito mode, the histories are not going to save in this mode - a must for share computers. Try it now.........
For Download:
Google Chrome Documentation( Just see this, you will be amazed):

Get Ready for September 10th - World at it's end?

Thursday, September 4, 2008


It's official, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will begin operations in a little over a month. On September 10th, the most sophisticated particle accelerator will go online, injecting the first circulation of accelerated particles.  The accelerator ring lies below the Swiss countryside with a circumference of 27 km (17 miles) and cost £4.4billion to create. When its switch is pulled on September 10, this atom-smasher will become a virtual time machine, revealing what happened when the universe came into existence 14 billion years ago. New particles of matter are expected to be discovered, new dimensions found beyond the four known, as scientists re-create conditions in the first BILLIONTHS of a second after the Big Bang. Experts even predict that millions of tiny black holes will be produced — baby brothers of the monsters gobbling up dust and stars at the heart of the galaxies. SCIENTISTS are trying to stop the most powerful experiment ever – saying the black holes it will create could destroy the world. 

The legacy continues...


Friends, We had a good volume about ourself, but we should have a little thanks giving ceremony to whom, supported us in every steps of life. They didn't think whether those are right or wrong but plunge into them. The level of trust they shown to us, we apologize, compared to that we returned them nothing.

This is probably a Chayanika Treat! Basu reminds me, the myself of those days. Bitan and Saikat Bhunia are displaying their copyrighted smiles. These guys are never changed.

This is the Chayanika Generation Y !

All in Saraswati Puja mood, looking for the Godess. Anish, I still conserve the "We Dope - We Byte - We Screw" --- the last night "Dakhshina"

Ah! Andrew Ma'aki Symonds - I love him. I have seen the You Tube video buddies, though you guys didn't send me the link. But that's a great creation.

Catch the middle one, tempting!!

Some Old Memories .... Ambrosia! Part 2

Monday, September 1, 2008


A mystic wing way! Path to infinity

The Ganges! NIT's Heritage

Flourishing with all the colours
Gentlemen, The Oval is not so far.
2008 hall night!!
It doesn't have many things but introduces the dance floor.
Amazing! Good work boys.

Last But Not Least
Shouldn't I get some appreciations ?

Some Old Memories .... Ambrosia! Part 1


Some exclusive photos for you, the full team of "Chayanika", probably with the widest range. All the glory time five years all combined.

A masterpiece from Himadri Da, (imagine about his summer of 69, himadri da please dont mind, we miss you) - Bairi Piya
And a rarest picture of inauguration day of the NIT-SBI ATM beside the front gate. Topi, KK and Tara in front of it just like HEAR NO EVIL SPEAK NO EVIL SEE NO EVIL