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Resident Number 123 - Part 1

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Resident Number 123 is back with a new attire. Story of a lifetime- now first time in Internet and published open to all. This is only the beginning, the upcoming sessions are waiting for your claps and demands. For the visitors, sorry for the language but I would like to suggest you to read it once and I can bet that all of you will be hungry for the next issues. Correct me if I am wrong.                     Click on the image to enlarge it and apology for any unintentional spelling mistakes. This is a story of few combined soul who found themselves misfit in some system and community. It includes the thorough struggle and fight against the system, their lifestyle ,their mottoes and everything else. In fact this  is not a story, it's each and every line reflects a very real past of our lives.