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Wednesday, August 27, 2008



             Well, after a prolong time gap, we are back again. I know the question strikes you most, obviously a pertinent one, who are "We" ? To get this answer you have to stay with us. We will have fun together, we will entertain each other, we will crack a joke or two, we will laugh even higher, we will share everything. But you can have all these everywhere. To know the difference you have to stay with us. You have to stay with us to know yourself better. And we accept that challenge. 
              Once the highlighted "We" used to stay together for a long 4 years. Time passes and we departed, but the souls are never. There were stories. We will expose us and be there to explore us.
              I am writing some guidelines which I hope you all follow:
  1. Please do not write anonymously. I like the braves.
  2. We are adults so we have to bother with adult issues but please do not publish pornographic contents.
  3. Always try to come with few photos. Those will be the assets of our blog. I will be exhilarated to see you, your family, your organization or anything interesting under and beyond the sun.
  4. Post and Post more. Make me busy to maintain.
  5. I will add this point later. Expect some recommendation from you guys.